Zagor Solutions Ltd.

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Who we are?

We are a technology-leading startup company focusing on providing innovative digital platforms for optimizing organizations' and companies' performance. It develops solutions that solve many challenging aspects of present digital life using a research-based and science-based approach.

Moreover, we provide open education resources through custom digital e-learning platforms based on modern architectures for educational purposes.

Need our services?

Need our services?

We develop based on a varied technological stack from C#/.Net for building desktop solutions to modern serverless microservices architecture for any platforms.

Think outside the box

A technology-leading company

We are at the front of today's leading technologies. Our products adhere to modern dev-ops pipelines adopting agile development practices.

  • Cloud-based Products

  • Hybrid Web/Mobile Apps

  • Research-based Mindset

  • Solutions for hard-to-solve Problems

  • Open Educational Resources

  • e-Learning Platforms


Some of our previous products

sWaiver is an easy-to-use online management system for signed forms.


  • Frontend: Ionic/Angular,
  • Backend: Google Functions (Javascript)
  • Database: Google Firestore

Vessel Management application for Machinery Space Compartment Assessments and Environmental Performance Monitoring Data used on Cruise Ships.


  • Frontend: Vuejs/Typescript,
  • Backend: .NET Core 3.1/C#/ Entity Framework
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server

A new method that permits effective word spotting in handwritten documents is developed that it relies upon document-oriented local features, which take into account information around representative keypoints as well a matching process that incorporates spatial context in a local proximity search without using any training data.


  • Frontend: Angular
  • Backend: .NET Core 3.1/C#
  • Database: Custom-made based on data structures

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